Web Design FAQ | Cuckhoo Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design FAQ | Cuckhoo Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a business owner overwhelmed with “Web Design Guys” who are throwing a lot of info which you don’t truly understand? Cuckhoo Web Design will help guide you through what is real and what isn’t when it comes to getting your business the results you need and expect. Cuckhoo has your back, genuinely.

FAQ - General:
What areas do we service?
Cuckhoo offers digital services in every city throughout the United States including Annapolis, Baltimore, Towson, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County & All Of Maryland.

What platforms do we offer?
We prefer and focus on Joomla but also offer Wordpress & Drupal including all Ecommerce Content Management Systems.

What business models do we work with?
We accept and work with every business model.

How many website domains do you use?
In 90% of cases we use 2 domains, we call the first one your Marketing Domain which is the shortest version of your name and the second is your Google domain which is an EMD (Exact Match Domain) and that incudes your top service/keyword + your location and this combination really helps us establish quality SEO for your business.

What will your website look like?
You will always have a preview of what your website will look like BEFORE we begin development.

How long does it take to build a website?
Depending on your information and content being submitted the average time is 7-14 days.

How do you submit your content and needed info for your new website?
We created a website for our clients to assist you in the process of submitting your info. www.mycontentisready.com

Do we guarantee Search Rankings on Google?
No, we don’t own Google. But when we design and manage your SEO program from the beginning we do find steady first page success.

After I agree will the agreement price go up?
We do our best to include EVERYTHING you need for your website when we discuss the agreement and pricing. The only reason for an adjusted price is for a “Out Of Scope “ upgrade.

After you design my website, will you help me market?
We always stick with our clients, regardless of if you are paying us. We have your back!

FAQ - Cuckhoo:

Year in business?
Cuckhoo was first founded in 2009

In house employees? Cuckhoo is totally virtual, We have team members all over the United States which work from home offices. This business model helps us keep our prices low and very efficient.

Why should you hire Cuckhoo Web Design? You should hire Cuckhoo Web Design because our business model was created to genuinely help you! We created a business model which would genuinely help you without taking advantage and genuinely guiding you to success without waste. Saving you money and headaches.

FAQ – Services:
Digital Marketing - Marketing of your business online.
$299 Affordable Web Design Packages - the best digital marketing package online.
Logo Design - Creating a logo/brand for your business for marketing purposes.
Web Hosting - Where your website and email files are created and managed in the cloud.
Web Design - The custom design of a website based on your small businesses needs.
Web Development - Developing a website based on a CMS (Content Management System)
E-Commerce - Web Development of Online Web Stores where you sell your goods.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the Most Important aspect of your digital presence and online marketing program. SEO is the Water & Miracle Grow of the Internet.
Social Media Marketing - We focus on Facebook, gaining likes, shares and exposure.
Google Adwords - PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing on Google is a very good yet dangerous marketing tool depending on your budget.
Animated Whiteboard Video Design - Creating an animated video which gets what you do or the special your are offering in under 2 minutes. We can help!
Website Enhancements & Maintenance - From maintaining your site and keeping hackers outside of your website file system to updating content and website features.

Do you own the work which Cuckhoo does?
You OWN EVERYTHING! We create all for you and then when we finish we provide you with full access to everything. It’s a focal point of our business model, you are not taken advantage of by Cuckhoo Web Design.

How do I edit my new site?
You will have full access if you decide you want to manage the backend of your website.

FAQ – Website Design Getting Started Process:
1. Learn the customer needs.
2. Review the business competitors.
3. Offer the business suggestions to help them reach their goals.
4. Approve suggested theme. (The template which your website will look like helping you have a clear vision of what will be a final product.)
4. Finalize the Scope of Work.

FAQ – Website Design Sales Process
1. Provide you with an agreement via Adobe Esiganture which is sent directly to your email. You click and type in your name approving the agreed upon scope of work. After you esign a mutually signed copy will be emailed to you.
2. A invoice will be sent to your email from Quickbooks which you can pay with the credit card of your choice.
3. You visit www.mycontentisready.com and you fill in the content related questions which will help Cuckhoo complete your project efficiently.

FAQ – Common Website Design Production Process:
Setup Domain/Url’s.
Setup Hosting.
Setup Emails.
Install approved theme.
Development of the website personalizing to your company’s needs.
Creation of Sitemap.
SEO of all pages created including Unique URL’s, Page Titles, Meta Tags.
Create Google local listing.
Create Google Analytics Tracking Account & Installation.
Create Google Webmasters Tracking Account & Installation.
Submission of sitemap.xml.
Creation of Business Facebook page.
Up/Down Tracking (Cuckhoo is notified within 120 seconds if your website or hosting ever goes down which is not common.)
Submittal to client for review.
Finalize site per final edits of client.

FAQ - Website Design Completion Process:
With all scope tasks completed, we will send you all access to your new digital marketing program.

FAQ – Website Design Maintenance Process:
Do you offer 24/7 Support? We offer 6am to 10pm support Monday through Sunday and all What if my site goes down? We are notified within 120 seconds.
Cuckhoo offers maintenance services which include updates, upgrades & overall maintenance.

FAQ – SEO Process:
Link Building.
SEO Keyword Tracking Daily.
New Blog Posts.
New Keyword + Location pages created.
Keyword Tags.
Page Title Improvement.
Meta Tag Improvement.
Google Analytics Tracking.
Google Webmasters Tracking.
There are over 300 proven SEO practices which we focus on.

FAQ – Social Media Process:
We create a professional Facebook Business Page.
We invite 5k Facebook friends we have to help your page get started and more established presentation.

FAQ – Industry Terms:
Mobile ready/ Responsive? Is formatted correctly on all mobile desives.
What is “The Scope” The tasks which are included in your agreement.
What is a “Sitemap” Is a list of links on one page which is submitted to Google.
What is a “Domain” is the address of your website.
What is a “URL” another common term for the address of your website.
What is a “Page Title” is the title of each page of your website and is valued very high by Google.
What is a “Meta Tag” is the short description in the page code of your website pages and is valued very high by Google.
What is a “Keyword” Is a focal point when it comes to words or names which would be used to strongly described to explain your services or company.
What is a “Backlink” is a link on another website which directs someone back to your new website.

Any questions you have which are not answered here? Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will answer them and add to our FAQ page. Thank You!