How To Create A Web Design RFP (Request For Proposal)

The Web Design Industry is growing rapidly and business owners including nonprofit organizations needs to be very clear and confident with who they select to provide web design services for their next project. Creating a detailed RFP will be very helpful in providing a number of Web Design Agencies with that info to be sure that you get exactly what you expect. Below we help you create the RFP which will provide agencies with everything exactly the way they want it getting you the best price and overall experience.

1. Introduction:
In a few paragraphs explain how we can help you.

2. Focal Points:
What is most important to you when it comes to this new website?

3. Goals:
List your company’s sales, marketing and lead generation goals.
Explain your frustration with your overall marketing program and your current website.

4. Project Details:
Existing domain.
Examples Of Websites You like.
Functions which your new website must include. (Portfolio, Etc.)
Other specific details which you need included.

5. Marketing Forecasting (After Project Completion)
What are your plans for Organic Page Rank.
What other digital marketing will you be doing?

6. Budget & Timeline:
When do you need this project completed by?
What is your comfortable budget for this project?

7. RFP Review & Completion:
Do a full review making sure that what you envision is coming across via the RFP.

We hope this helps you find success on your next Digital Marketing project.

Please click "Here " to submit your RFP to Cuckhoo Web Design, we look forward to hearing from you.

Web Design & Digital Marketing NonProfit Organization Relationships

Cuckhoo loves to help people, animals and causes which make our world a better place. Non Profit or Not For Profit Organizations are always a great partnership for our team. If you are part of a nonprofit organization and are in need of Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Optimization for Nonprofit websites, Fundraising & Donations, Inbound marketing or Digital Strategy to get your cause heard please let us know. It is not even just about price or production, it's about the cause which is what we want to be part of. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you helping you further your cause. Feel free to "Contact Us " and tell us more about how we can help. Thank You!

Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency Partnership

Cuckhoo does not like the word compete, if there is a way to network and create a new relationship then we are game. As of 2017 our team currently works with fellow marketing agencies across the country as their Web Design & Digital Marketing agency. We don't need the hoot and holler praise, we are fine being in the background helping our fellow business owners grow their business too. The benefits of having Cuckhoo provide your clients with Logo Design/ Branding, Web Design & Development, Social Media Creation & Management and Monthly Enhancements & Search Engine Optimization through your company is an average of 32% in project cost savings and an efficient project turnaround time due to the team which Cuckhoo has built nationwide. Still not sure? Want to talk to some references which were in your position? Feel free to "Contact Us " and we will send you references which will make you feel more comfortable.

Web Design Client Approach & Process

Cuckhoo was founded to focus on the process, eliminating waste & saving you money. The team at Cuckhoo knows what you need and the best path for you providing you with a clear vision letting you envision the path ahead. We listen to your needs and goals then suggest what we feel will help you reach your goals affordably.

For every client, we set goals and use those goals as our to-do list daily. The common process includes but is not limited to Listen & Review, Create Goals, Branding, Development, Social Media Creation & Submission to Google. Then we move onto Marketing Planning Strategy and future planning which includes services or products being offered or focused on throughout specific times throughout a season or year.

You can genuinely trust our team to have your back, follow through and do our best to guide your small business in the correct direction.