Desktop Computers vs. Mobile Devices

The primary device that most people prefer these days is the mobile phone or tablet. Many own all types of devices, including desktops, but the smartphone gets the most use out of all three. Smartphone screens are getting larger every year to allow users to use them the same way they’d use their larger devices. Technology is constantly unfolding, and it certainly focuses more on the smartphone. Now, desktops are certainly not passe, the use of smartphones seems to outnumber others. It’s no secret that some tasks are still much easier to do on a desktop or laptop. For example, writers could never use a smartphone or tablet. Some tasks are just easier to do on laptops. While browsing on a smartphone seems to happen more and more, websites are easier to explore on the larger-screened devices. Changing your view and expanding pages are the norm with smartphones. That could get old real fast.

However, as recently reported in another blog, web design is moving towards maximizing mobile views first. Yet, if your goal is to complete tasks or activities, the desktop still rules. For myself, I simply cannot text or enter information with two fingers like my daughter. She seems to speed through inputting data faster than I could type on a laptop. I’ll use the swipe feature with one hand, but that results in a lot of error and is quite annoying. Another thing that desktops have going for them is the internet speed. You get results much faster than you would on a smartphone. Processors in desktops are bigger and work much faster on a cable modem connection. Cellular networks are starting to catch up, however. Before you know it, results will appear faster than ever on mobile devices. All of the cellular networks continue to boast their increased speed, and people are taking note. No matter how fast smartphones get, I still prefer browsing on my laptop. For now, it’s still faster and I can get twice as much done.

But right now, I can visit twice as many websites and Web pages on my desktop computer than I can using my smartphone or tablet. I like smart phones and tablets. I love that they are small enough to fit in my pocket or tuck away from view. I love being connected to the Internet from just about anywhere without having to lug around a laptop or desktop. For quick and easy Web use or Web interaction (think driving directions, quick fact lookups and voice search), mobile devices are great. But if I’m planning to do some serious work online or at my desk, I’ll take a desktop and keyboard every time.
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