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About Us

Cuckhoo is the company that is crazy about website and growing your small business.

About Cuckhoo

Here at Cuckhoo, we are A Little Different. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say we’re A Little Cuckhoo. We like fun people. Good ideas. And we really like making things. Things to help the fun people. Useful, refreshing, wonderful things. Sometimes they’re websites. Sometimes they’re something altogether different. Just like us.

Helping small businesses locally; Cuckhoo will get your business online, and recognized. Because our mission is to put your small business first, you, as the business owner, are at the core of our business model. For starters, we provide you with affordable, individually-tailored, small business budget friendly, high quality websites, complete with all the tools that you need to expand your business. We at Cuckhoo pride ourselves on that fact that we have NO contracts and NO hidden fees; just straight up Affordable Value! Take advantage of the VALUE Cuckhoo is ready to provide you.


Cuckhoo loves to help people, animals and causes which make our world a better place. Nonprofit or Not For Profit Organizations are always a great partnership for our team.

Digital Agency Partnership

Cuckhoo does not like the word compete, if there is a way to network and create a new relationship then we are game.

B2B Exchange

The Cuckhoo Team loves helping small businesses grow, please submit your info and we will post it and promote it.

Web Design Client Approach & Process

Cuckhoo was founded to focus on the process, eliminating waste & saving you money. The team at Cuckhoo knows what you need and the best path for you providing you with a clear vision letting you envision the path ahead. We listen to your needs and goals then suggest what we feel will help you reach your goals affordably.